The Canada Boat to Gaza has really begun

International aid workers aboard the Gaza Flotilla, May 2010. Photo: Kevin Neish

International aid workers aboard the Gaza Flotilla, May 2010.

The delegates have arrived from around the world.  It no longer feels like a nationalistic Canadian Boat but more of a collective international peace boat.  Danes, Belgians, a New Zealander, the US, Turks, Germans, Aussies and of course mostly Canadians with their wonderful Quebecois partners.  All represented by fine, committed individual activists, who are now willing to work together for a common purpose, to break the illegal Israeli blockade and get our humanitarian aid and witnesses to Gaza.  We are all going to be Palestinians for a short but honourable time.

The non-violent resistance training has begun.  We are being coached by very experienced Christian Peacemakers Team (CPT) veterans who have worked in Latin America, Africa and of course the Middle East.  The experience of the delegates ranges from CPTer Harmet Singh Sooden who was kidnapped and held for ransom for 118 days in Iraq, to a highly skilled nurse with critical child psychology skills but with little background in hands-on activism.

Our first hurdle will be to recognize the stresses involved, when all of us, egos and foibles included, are packed into a relatively small boat, possibly for several days, while under constant threat of attack by the Israeli military.  We will have to concentrate on the over riding goal to free Gaza and always remember all the trust and support riding with us from friends from around the world, like you.

Remember, you are our best protection.  If needed, please respond and speak up for us in the media and with your MPs.  Be a part of this flotilla.

Thank you,


A-News Vancouver Island interview with Kevin June 23


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