Playing hardball

Stretchers and  medical supplies for Freedom Flotilla II

Stretchers and medical supplies for Freedom Flotilla II. Photo:

It’s hot here, and it’s getting hotter by the moment.

All of a sudden, every ship in the flotilla has a mysterious third party extremely concerned for our safety, so the ships are all being put through very thorough and special inspections. It’s comforting to know the Zionists are so concerned for my safety.

Then the US ship Audacity of Hope miraculously has its propeller shaft bent while sitting at a dock. Someone call the Pope to report this, as there must have been some sort of divine intervention involved. But the Lord sure works in mysterious ways, using divers with a hydraulic jack. Fortunately, in this case, the flotilla workers can fix the miracle and straighten the shaft quickly.

Next, several delegates on another flotilla ship are attacked and mugged, all on the same day in the same city.

(Don’t be so paranoid, Kevin! Muggings, surprise inspections and bent shafts happen all the time, it’s just a coincidence … except that the only thing the muggers stole from the delegates was their cell phones.)

Sorry, I stopped believing in coincidences, Biblical promises regarding Palestine, and the tooth fairy quite a while ago.

Israel is getting ever more desperate and frantic and it’s because we are being effective and we are winning because justice is on our side. They’re playing hardball, but we have a very big, strong and committed ball team on our side — all you folks.

We’re going to Gaza, whether they like it or not. Thank you all for your support, otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

Bye for now.


PS: a note to potential “random muggers” – the non-violence pledge I signed to join the Canadian Boat to Gaza doesn’t take effect until I’m actually on the ship.


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