Greek lock-down

Greek Coast Guard

Greek coast guard and port authority officers in the wheelhouse of the Tahrir. The boat is stuck at port, following a Greek government edict that none of the flotilla boats be allowed to leave. Photo: Jim Rankin

It seems that the Greek Government had no intentions of ever letting us leave for Gaza from here. We have been politely following the rules and it appears to have all been a charade.

I’d say there is no independent Greek government foreign policy at this time. The US boat realized this as well and tried to make a run for it and was blocked by a Greek coast guard ship.

So the Greek government is unable or unwilling to protect our flotilla ships are being attacked and sabotaged by Israeli forces, but they will not allow us to protect ourselves by letting us leave Greece. We are quite literally sitting ducks.

As of July 1, Greek Coast Guard and police have cordoned off the Tahrir at the dock but I don’t believe they have boarded or seized the ship. There are armed guards at the Port Authority offices where most of the CBG delegates are waiting for a decision from the Greek authorities, but everything is calm at present.

We held a noisy march through the tourist strip and port of Agios Nikolaos Crete blocking traffic, shouting our demand to release the Tahrir. The Canadian Boat to Gaza leaders, as the owners of the Tahrir, are demanding that the Greek government allow us to leave for a safer port before the Israelis attack our ship next.


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  1. Posted by Christine on July 5, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    Hang in there Kevin and friends! Following your story, disgusted with the Greek coastguard. Wishing you all the best and eventual safe passage to your destination!

    From Brampton, ON Canada


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