Liliany Obando to be Freed

Colombian political prisoner Liliany Obando has been ordered freed by a Colombian judge (see My Visit with Liliany Obando).  Likely due to the international pressure that was applied during last weekend’s “Colombia Behind Bars” political-prisoner conference here in Bogota, a Colombian judge ordered her released under a $3000 bond.

The bogus charges have not been dropped, but Liliany has finally been granted her constitutional right, as a single parent, to be at home with her young family during her court process.  She has spent 3 years 7 months in jail without being convicted of anything, and her trial process has been stalled for months.  We hope she will be released tomorrow, and I and many others will be at the prison gates to greet her.

A death squad called the “Black Eagles”, from rural Colombia, has already threatened to kill anyone involved in the conference, so Liliany and her family are now in great danger.  If Canada’s recently signed Free Trade treaty with Colombia is worth anything at all regarding human rights, then our government should express its concern over the threats against Liliany Obando and myself.  Call your local MP and the government and inform them of this serious situation.  I will be staying with Liliany and her family for as long as necessary.

Thank you for your support.


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  1. Posted by Colin Smith on March 1, 2012 at 12:06 am

    Great News Kevin. Congratulations on your efforts to get her released and shielding her from now on. Take Good care of both of you.


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