One way ceasefire

Farmers are still sometimes being shot at when they approach within a kilometer of  the Israeli border, if spite of the ceasefire agreement between the Israeli and Palestinian governments, which was supposed to allow farmers to return to till the land right up to the border.  One poor fellow was apparently shot directly between the eyes while tending a field a full kilometer from the border.  Not an accidental shooting.  

I visited a family in southern Gaza last night, who are just 400 meters from the border.  Last November they were violently evicted, had their home occupied and trashed by the IDF and then half the home was bulldozed as they left, for apparently no reason. They are so close to the border that we could clearly hear the engines of the tanks idling away in the dark.  We went to the roof to look out towards Israel.  I raised my camera to take a photo and was implored by the mother to not do so as the flash would possibly draw IDF fire.  That put “shooting a photo” into a whole new perspective.  She asked if we could return and stay a night, as she says the IDF shoot at her home in the night.  One or two of will do so.

The Palestinian government seems to be trying very hard to not let anyone on their side be drawn into a ceasefire breaking fight, in spite of the IDF violations.  But today, Saturday, at 11 am, there is going  to be a huge rally in the former buffer zone, with  possibly thousands of people exercising their supposed right to enter the former “kill zone” along the border.  All the internationalists observers in Gaza, which are not very many, have been asked to attend and act as a shield for the Palestinians.  We’ll find out today if this is a real ceasefire agreement or “just a scrap of paper”.  Bye for now.  Kevin


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  1. Posted by Art on February 9, 2013 at 7:52 am

    News from the homefront. James Dundas and I attended a celebration of life for Helen O’Shaughnessy at the Maritime Labour Centre in Vancouver yesterday. She was a tireless organizer in the fishing industry both on shore and on the water. We spoke and thought of you and your Dad numerous times throughout the day.


  2. Posted by active committee on February 12, 2013 at 9:24 am

    We are glad to hear you made it in and look forward to learning your impressions of life in Gaza and the ARK. Keep your head down! CAIA


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