Give the peas a chance

Sorry for the lame title, but it does fit nicely.  I spent the morning in a field of peas in Beit Hanoun , Northern Gaza, 500 meters from the Israeli border.  Before the November ceasefire agreement this was a shoot to kill area, but now the Palestinians are trying to reclaim and farm this land.  Happily everything was peaceful and the international peacekeepers joined in picking peas.  I’ve been told that the rocket just fired from Gaza into Israel, by a Fatah related group, has garnered a lot of media.  I only wish the 820 ceasefire breaking incidents of shootings, deaths, hijackings and kidnappings of Palestinians by the IDF, had made similar headlines in the “West”.  If so, there likely wouldn’t be any retaliatory Fatah rocket attacks.




Fields of peas and onions as far as you can see, so lots to do for everyone, international human shields included.


To the West is an Israeli base.


And to the East an automated remotely controlled Israeli gun tower.


The farmer’s hovel, where there was once a proper home, destroyed by the IDF long ago.


Everything in the farmer’s “home” is temporary and scavenged as the IDF bulldozer will likely be back.


The last of the farmer’s lemon trees, that once covered all his present pea and onion fields, but again, bulldozed by the IDF long ago.


With everyone helping the job is done quickly.


The peas are loaded up and we are soon all safely on our way out of the “buffer zone”.


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