Gaza is young

There’s always a destroyed building to show you or make a report on tank fire in Khuza’a, as there was yesterday. But how about we talk about kids.  The average age in Gaza is 17.  After the destruction of numerous UN schools in the 2008/09 attacks, all the schools and kids centers in Gaza are running double shifts.  I visited a kids community activity center in Beit Hanoun and here are some photos and thoughts about them.


Kids look the same anywhere in the world. But these kids have grown up fast in a war zone.


Like any kid they are proud to show off their “fill in the blanks” drawings.


Very proud indeed!


But this center is especially for kids suffering from the effects of the Israeli attacks.


They are asked to paint what ever they want and it all looks so normal, until you look close.


Tanks, ambulances, stick people spewing blood, missiles falling on houses, blob people with guns in their hands, rockets on launchers.


And yet more and more horrible memories.  It all comes pouring out of these smiling little souls, when a brush is put in their hands and there are no preset lines to paint inside of.


But after 65 years of these attacks their society and these kids still appear strong and defiant.  I believe the Arabic work is “sumud”…steadfast.

Goodnight from Gaza City.


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  1. We’re watching and learning Kevin, and altho’ we have our problems here, it breaks my heart to see what these kids live with as they express what they have experienced in their paintings. At least we know our kids and grandkids aren’t going to be bombed or shot indiscriminately. Thanks so much for the information you’re sending – bleak as it is, the unbreakable spirit of Gaza’s people shines thru.


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