Miscellaneous Gaza

I spent the day in the hold of a fish boat doing some repairs, and then I went to a pool hall and got beaten quite badly by a Muslim women (at pool, not fighting, these are peaceful folks!).  I must admit, this raised some Arab guys eyebrows (her playing pool and me losing to her).  So I don’t have any photos or stories to share, so I will just post some of the miscellaneous photos I’ve taken that didn’t fit a daily theme.  These are in no particular order.                      I’m heading back into border buffer zone tomorrow.


You may have seen this mother of a detainee in an earlier posting.  Now she is hunger striking in front of the Red Cross office hoping that someone “out there” will hear her plea.


The Western main media is here,  but I’m not sure what they are doing or if their head office  looks at what they send in.  Israeli bulldozers plowed up a Palestinian farmer’s field earlier today in central Gaza, breaking the cease fire yet again, but dimes to donuts you didn’t here about this flagrant incursion from Reuters or any other news wire service. Why not?


A home made memorial to the much loved ISM activist Vittorio Arrigoni, who was murdered by Palestinians who I suspect were under the pay or control of Israeli forces.


And another more official memorial honouring Vic.


Here’s what an Israeli missile does to a government office on a downtown Gaza street.


Imagine if this happened without warning to a downtown government building in your town.


I’m not sure what military significance this unfinished university building held for the IDF, but they certainly hit it hard.  At least there was hopefully no one killed or injured.


All the Gazans murdered by the IDF in recent years in Gaza/Palestine.  About two thirds are women and children.


Graffiti/mural supporting handicapped Palestinians.


More Gaza City street art, honouring Palestinian women I believe.  It’s everywhere.


More art celebrating Palestinian resistance


Some Palestinian’s wishful thinking.


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