I’m in Gaza.

Hello Friends and Family,

Just a very quick note to say that I finally got back into Gaza yesterday afternoon.  It took the Egyptian Intelligence Branch two weeks to issue a permission letter for me to travel to Gaza. I was told the letter would have arrived sooner but that the Egyptians were very busy dealing with the up coming anti-Morsi demonstrations.  It was a good time to leave Cairo. There are certainly worse places to be stuck, as I saw some amazing museums and of course the Nile, Pyramids, Sphinx, etc etc, but it’s good to now be with these fine, friendly folks in Gaza.  So now I have just a month here, but with the blistering heat and Ramadan coming up in early July, it’s hard to say how much work i’m going to get done.  

The Israelis have made a few recent armed incursions with bulldozers to destroy farmers’ fields, they’re kidnapping fishers and confiscating their boats and F16’s are making regular noisy passes over the City.  So nothing much has changed from when I was here in February.

When I have some decent photos and stories I’ll send along a new report.

Bye from Gaza City.   Kevin.


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