A Day at the Beach

After last night’s exchange of rockets and explosions I think I better update my blog regarding the everyday things that I’ve been up to.  Like a day at the beach.  A couple of days back our group of international activists took a couple of dozen members of the Samouni family to a beach near Khan Younis.  


It all seems so normal and pleasant.


Camel rides for the kids.


A ride with some local fishermen.

It seems normal, until it’s pointed out to you, that there are very few men in the group or older kids.  They were mostly killed, 29 of them, in that infamous air strike during Cast Lead in 2008, after the Israelis had herded them all into one house.


And then you find out that this little girl was born on the beach, on the sand, after her mother had escaped the massacre.  Her little bother had died in her mother’s arms shortly before she was born and her father died in the attack.  

I wasn’t a pleasant normal day at the beach for me anymore.

The Israeli F 16s are still flying over Gaza City tonight as are the drones.  Goodnight.




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