Syria, Gaza and Karate

Just another small “Gaza” story.  While searching for accommodations I met an interesting fellow.  He’s a Palestinian who was living in a UN “1948” refugee camp in Syria, technically waiting to return to Palestine.  Then the Syrian war broke out and his camp became a front line and made him a refugee with no refuge.  So he’s been moving around the Middle East looking for a safe, welcoming country to live in and finish his degree, but found none, until he heard that Gaza had a fine university.  He applied and was immediately accepted and was soon welcomed in Gaza Palestine.  With no work available he applied himself to his favourite sport, karate and joined a local sports club.  Being a black belt he was asked to take part in the Gaza karate championships, and promptly won the title.  Now he spends his spare time giving back to his new community by teaching karate to youngsters.  A bit of a good news, “homecoming” story.  Here are a few photos of him and his karate crew.


An impressive line up of black belts.


The classic karate warm up.


Get set….




Two of several women trainees I saw.  Very serious…


…and not to be taken lightly.

So just a karate class, that is run the same as anywhere else in the World, but different just because it’s Gaza.  A bit more of that Palestinian “sumud”.

All is quiet here, other then the regular F 16 fly overs.  

Bye for now from Gaza City.   Kevin


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