War crimes, down on the farm in Gaza

The other day, the ISM folks here, went to see a farmer friend named Nasser, who lives near Johr Al Deak in Eastern Gaza.  Unfortunately his farm house is only 200 meters from the Israeli border and so is within Israel’s, self declared, high danger buffer zone.  He has been here for many many years and has never had any problems, even during the various wars and invasions.  The Israeli military seemed to accept that he was no threat to them, and left him alone, until 3 years ago.  One quiet afternoon, without warning, the Israeli military started attacking his farm.  They were so surprised and unprepared that one of Nasser’s 6 children, a 2 year old, was left sleeping in the field beside the house.  The mother ran out the door to rescue him, and an Israeli tank immediately fired a shell at her.  But not just any shell, it was an anti personnel “flechette” shell.  Deemed illegal by the Geneva Convention and certainly not something to be used on a poor rural farm family.  She died in front of her family from dozens of terrible wounds.  Attached below is a series of photos about Nasser present situation, and evidence of what a “flechette” shell does and why it is a war crime to use such a weapon at anytime.


Nasser’s farm with his tent home, crops, original home in the distance and the Israeli border 200 yards beyond that.


Some of his children and wife in their “kitchen”.


Their “living room” which becomes all 6 kids’ bedroom at night.


And here is Nasser’s original home, which they are now afraid to live in.  All the marks on the concrete stucco wall are from the hardened steel, flechette anti-personnel darts, from just  one tank shell fired at Mrs. Nasser.  She died at the lower right, in front of her children and husband.  Mr. Nasser said that the Israeli’s would not allow an ambulance to approach for 4 and a half hours.  The darts are driven up to 2 inches deep into the concrete stucco.


Here you can see that these flechette darts easily penetrated these heavy steel panels.  Imagine what they do to humans.


After a lot of digging and prying with my pocket knife and pliers, I managed to pull 2 of these 1 and a half inch long (4 cm) flechette darts out of the Nasser’s farm house wall.  Evidence of a war crime.  Thousands of these darts came from that one tank shell fired at Mrs. Nasser.  What possible purpose does such a horrendous and illegal weapon have to play in a rural farm yard in Palestine, or anywhere.  This madness has to stop.  The Israeli blockade and occupation of Gaza and all of Palestine has to end.

Kevin Neish  Gaza City.





2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Colin Smith on July 1, 2013 at 8:00 am

    Sickening Kevin! Take Care. Colin PS any further word on the training phase of the boat project. On 1 Jul 2013, at 15:09, Kevin Neish <comment-reply@wordpress.com> wrote:


  2. Posted by Richard Lightbown on July 3, 2013 at 12:22 pm

    The sophisticated terrorist’s nail bomb. Al Capone was a nice guy by comparison. At least Capone put on soup kitchens for the down and outs in the cold Chicago winter. What have the Zionists ever done for Palestine except attack it with weapons, words and foul deeds?


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