Ghosts in a shed

I’ve finished my work on the Fisheries Department research ship, and now it waits for people with deeper pockets then me to make the needed repairs I’ve documented.  I am still volunteering at the Gaza fire department repair shop, pitching in here and there doing apprentice level work, as well as offering technical assistance when asked.  

I was in the compressor shed sorting out a wiring problem, when I realized there were numerous broken, bent and twisted metal shears and bolt cutters lying about.Image

This seemed strange to me, as I well know what it takes to bend or break such heavy duty bolt cutters.  And then I realized that these dozen bolt cutters and such were likely broken by rescuers trying to save people from rocketed and collapsed buildings.  Every bent and broken handle must have a gruesome, sad, desperate story to tell.

Not much of blog entry.  Unfortunately my crawling around in the bilges of a ship or the inside of a fire truck water tank, doesn’t make for riveting photos or commentary.

If the Egyptian military coup continues on it’s anti-Gaza bent or if the anti coup counter revolution devolves into civil war, the Rafah border crossing into Egypt will be closed for some time yet.  I packed expecting this could happen so I should be fine for 2 or 3 months if necessary.  

There will certainly be no lack of things for me to do here.  Between the fishboats, farmers and fire trucks I won’t be bored, and if the Israelis decide to attack again, I’m told we few internationalists will be very busy.

Bye for now.

Kevin from Gaza City, Palestine.


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