The Coup, Gaza and my flight home.

As friends and followers will know, I was supposed to be back home in quiet old Victoria on the 20th, but I’m not.

With the Egyptian coup came a lot of hostility towards Gaza from Egypt, and with it came the partial closure of the Rafah border crossing.  In particular, the barring of internationalists from entering Gaza, although we can easily leave Gaza, which is leading to a thinning of our ranks here.  So I decided to rebook my flight and stay for a month or so more, or until the border allows someone in to replace me.  I don’t feel it’s the time to cut and run.

Needless to say the overthrow of president Morsi in Egypt has created some tensions and divisions here in Gaza, both within the Hamas government and on the street.


Every week there is a regular demonstration at the Red Cross offices, by family members of illegally detained Palestinians, who are being held in Israeli jails.  Last week’s demo was a little different, as supporters of president Morsi, within the detainee group, used the event to express themselves.  This resulted in some vocal disagreements by other detainee family members, who felt it was not the appropriate place for a pro Morsi demo.


And they promptly, and I feel wisely, moved the main demonstration outside, and so avoided any further confrontation.


In the end the only casualty was a poster.

As opposed to what many in the West think, there are differences of opinion within Gaza that are, at times, openly expressed in the streets.

Goodnight from Gaza City.


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