Hard work of harvesting either empty nets or bullet holes

Hello Friends and family,

There are several thousand fishers in Gaza, but only a few boats risk going out to fish, due to the constant assaults and hijackings by the Israeli navy.  On  most days I can hear heavy calibre Israeli gunship fire, and at times, I can even watch from shore as the Israeli ships harass the fishers who dare to go out .

So here is a series of photos of the fishermen and their ships.


A big dragger on the left and a purse seiner with banks of night time floodlights to attract fish from beyond the Israeli enforced 6 mile limit line into their nets.


A few of the dozens and dozens of small fishboats that are sitting idle, due to the ongoing Israeli assaults.  Some of these boats even set their nets inside the breakwater or just outside the harbour entrance.  They catch very few fish, but at least they are safer from Israeli attacks.


This is the dry docked Palestinian research ship, which I have been inspecting and repairing, in the hope that it will someday resume it’s important work in Palestinian waters.


These kids are trying their luck from the shore.


The adult fishers also try their luck from the relative safety of shore using a beach seine.


The launch.  And now she’s paddled out 100 meters or so, setting the net out in a loop and then back to shore.


And now the back breaking work of hauling the net in.


Everybody pitches in to help.  Big and small.


Almost in, after an hour of hard work in the blazing sun, especially considering that this is Ramadan, so all these men have been fasting from 3:30 am to 7:45 pm everyday.  I got thirsty just watching them work.


So after all that hard work the haul is just a handful of small fish. But it’s either this or be shot at, kidnapped and humiliated by the Israeli navy.  Truly Palestinian fishers are caught between the rock and the hard place.

Goodbye from Gaza.

Kevin Neish


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