Reliving my childhood

Note- since taking these photos I have been told that 4 of these children were killed in an Israeli attack on July 16th 2014.  See news report here.

Kids are kids no matter where they are in the world.  In Gaza Port there are always a gaggle of kids charging around the piers and boats, swimming, fishing and making their own fun.  Fishers in Gaza have always been some of the poorest folks here. Now with the Israelis reneging on the Oslo Accords promise of letting them fish to 20 miles, and so attacking and kidnapping anyone going beyond 6 miles, their lot has gotten that much worse.  Most boats don’t bother fishing anymore.

But the fishers’ kids have fun anyways.  They remind me of my days of hanging around the fish wharf and marina when I was a kid.  Here’s a few photos of them.






Of course I always have to rain on the parade of joyful photos.  The harbour is so polluted, due to the lack of sewage treatment and proper outfall pipes, caused by the Israeli bombings and blockade, that no one is supposed to be swimming in it.  But Gazan kids, with very few recreational facilities and likely knowing that a sudden violent death is always a possibility, make the best of a horrendous situation, and so ignore the warning signs.


I’ve said it before, these folks are tough and steadfast, “sumud” in Arabic.  They aren’t going to give up.  You can see it in their eyes.

Bye from Gaza City.


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