Gaza slide show and talk



My recent slide show/talk went very well, with a packed hall of supportive and interested folks.  Over $400 was raised in donations, which will go towards publishing pro-Palestinian advertisements in Canada.  I expect to put on other similar events on Galiano Island and Nanaimo in the future.  If anyone is interested in having me visit their community to show my photos and discuss Palestine/Gaza, please feel free to give me a call at 1 250 595-3991 or  

Thanks to all who helped with this very successful event.



Kevin Neish recently spent 4 months in Gaza, working with the International Solidarity Movement, witnessing and collecting information on the life and conditions of Palestinians under the Israeli siege. He will give a first hand account on what he worked on, saw and experienced.

Kevin Neish is a former college instructor as well as civilian technician for the Department of National Defence, and has been active in the quest for justice for Palestinians since the 1980s.  He has sailed on board two ships attempting to break the blockade of Gaza – the Mavi Marmara in 2010 (during which 9 activists were killed by Israeli commandos) for which he was interned in an Israeli prison and then deported, and the Tahrir in 2011, leading to his arrest by Greek commandos by Israel’s behest.  Mr. Neish has provided protective accompaniment to Palestinians in Gaza in 2013 and Bethlehem in 2002.

Sponsored by: Victoria Friends of Cuba • Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid



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