El Milagro El Salvador

The Victoria Central America Support Committee (CASC) has been supporting the little village of El Milagro for a couple of years.  This community was created when a group of families, living on a garbage dump, was moved by the FMLN government to their own land, although it was completely undeveloped land.  The Victoria FMLN club and CASC took on the project of assisting El Milagro to build a new health room and expand their small community hall.  We raised $1600 US, but some of that amount was borrowed, so donations via CASC or myself would be much appreciated.

During our last visit in 2012 we saw their rough new homes and streets, the chickens which the government had distributed to many of the families, as well as the new sewing machines in their hall, and lots of barefoot kids.  Below are some photos and notes describing our recent visit to this village.


One family put up their own welcome sign for us.


Here is the present community hall.  The plan is to use the $1600 to open this wall up and build an addition with a “health room”, as well as patch the roof and upgrade the electrical system.


As you can see the room is full to capacity with sewing machines and willing students (and us visitors).  Sewing classes were in progress, with the aim being to able to supply the government with uniforms for school children.


Their “new” electric sewing machines are of an old solid design, that can be run with a foot treadle when the power is off or limited, which it often is.


When we arrived, one of the community’s regular government health clinics were underway.  Due to the lack of space, it operated under tents and the tailgate of a truck.  The new “health room” is direly needed, and donations for it can be made to CASC.  These Salvadoran doctors were trained in Cuba.


One of the chickens, from the previous 2012 project, to supply the community with a stable source of eggs and meat.  Unfortunately due to the lack of feed and animal husbandry training, this project has not fulfilled it’s promise yet, but this proud fellow is doing his bit.


The yards and housing have improved from our last visit, but it’s still pretty rustic to say the least, but they own it all.


Ditto for the interiors.


Here’s a few of the locals, all with shoes on their feet this time around.


And here is the future of El Milagro.  Students in a near by elementary school with free education, uniforms and shoes and a glass of milk a day, courtesy of the FMLN government.


El Milagro’s kids were limited to elementary school, until this new high school was built by the government on land donated by the Catholic church.  The three El Milagro students ready to attend this school could not afford the $2 taxi fare, until the Montreal FMLN stepped up to pay this cost for a year.


And here are a couple of the people to thank for the progress in El Milagro and El Salvador.   Former FMLN commandante and present parliamentarian, Nidia Dias and former FMLN commandante, and present Vice President and future President, Salvadore Seren Sanchez.  Watch for the results of the March 9th runoff election, which, if my health holds out, I will be an observer at.


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