Mavi Marmara photo access

I was one of the only persons to manage to smuggle a camera chip off the Mavi Marmara and past the Israeli security.  Since then I have personally given digital copies of the photos to hundreds of people.  To help distribute them, I put a Photobucket link at the top of this website, but I find that it is not a smooth nor easy link.  So I have attached a “widget” link on the right lower sidebar of this website, which connects to a Flickr site, so anyone can easily view and copy my Mavi photos.  I’ve also added some basic text information to describe the photos.  If anyone wants to read my Mavi story, check out my May 25th 2012 blog post, “Mavi Marmara Attack”.  Another good info source is a free on-line book entitled “Witnesses of the Freedom Flotilla”.

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