“Marianne” is now in Lisbon, enroute to Gaza

We arrived in Lisbon Portugal yesterday. There was a huge swell coming in from the west (Canada ;), so we rolled and pitched quite violently for two days, but no damage was done, except for a few broken plates and glasses, and a couple of jars of jam that escaped from the fridge. Everyone is tired after a few days of this, as when we roll this much it’s difficult to stay in the bunk let alone sleep.
As we are officially a “leisure ship” we have to moor in fancy marinas, surrounded by million dollar yachts, the owners of which often don’t seem to appreciate our appearance or political objectives. Yesterday 80 pro Palestinian supporters tried to march into this marina to welcome us, but were stopped by the marina management because they said they would disturb the other yacht owners. So they held their rally on the public causeway outside the marina, closely watched by a half dozen policemen.
Tomorrow we set sail with a new group of passengers, to go through Gibraltar and into the Mediterranean Sea and to an east coast Spanish port, and likely another wonderful welcome.
Bye for now. Kevin

2 responses to this post.

  1. Bon voyage! The thought of another naval visit to Gaza is so exciting. I am surprised that there is not more publicity. You should have a flotilla of at least a thousand ships. Free Gaza!


  2. Godspeed to Gaza, Kevin. Your friends around the world are with you all the way, as are all our friends in Gaza.


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