Messina today, Gaza next

Hello Friends,

We arrived in Messina Sicily yesterday afternoon to a welcome by the deputy mayor and many pro Palestinian supporters…and three police cars and various port authorities, but so far we are not being seriously bothered by any officials. We plan to leave later today, the 19th, and expect to arrive in Gazan waters in a week or so.  I apologize for not having any photos, but we have been very busy with last minute repairs and preparations with no time to hardly look around let alone take photos.

So this may be my last blog post before Gaza.  If the Israelis attack us, as they have already said they will, I would certainly appreciate any solidarity or support any of you can offer.  Please keep an eye on our ship’s website and if it reports that we have been attacked, please contact your local media asking them to cover our story, and of course contact your local (Canadian) Federal politicians, asking them to ensure our safety and quick release from Israeli custody.  We are not breaking any laws by peacefully entering Gaza by sea.  We are simply following the dictates of numerous UN Security Council and UN General Assembly resolutions, the UN Charter and the Geneva Conventions.  If Israel attacks us they will only have the unjust law of “might makes right”, the law of the jungle.  Hopefully civilization has progressed beyond this kind of the 1800’s gunboat diplomacy.  I guess we will see in a week or so in the waters off Gaza.

Bye for now from the Marianne av Goteborg in Messina Italy.

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  1. Posted by on June 19, 2015 at 2:49 am

    Closely following #FreedomFlotillaIII and sending you all loads of luck to break the siege of Gaza Port. Much love to you all! Carol Hakios


  2. Good work Kevin & all the best for the peace flotilla and in Palestine.

    Bruce – from north vancouver island


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